TDP 80: UNM Lobos Season Preview / Derrick Rose Trade Rumors 

TDP 80: UNM Lobos 2015-2016 Season Preview / Derrick Rose Trade Rumor
Lobos’ Season Preview
1. Roster review: Who’s out? Who’s in? 
2. Expectations: How far will the Lobos go? Can they contend for a MWC title?
3. Impact: Is this a rebuilding year? If so can the Lobo fanbase be patient? What will this year tell us about Noodles?
4. Brian Windhorst dropped a bomb and said Rose is likely to be traded. Do you see that happening this season? If so, possible destinations.
5. Early season surprises and disappointments.


TDP 75: 2015 NBA Finals Preview

TDP 75: 2015 NBA Finals Preview
The Rundown:

-The Thibs Firing

-Is the delay between the Conference Finals and the NBA Finals good for the NBA?

-What are the key matchups? 

-Can the Cavs slow down Steph Curry?

-How will the Warriors handle LeBron James?

-Who is the “X factor” in the series?

-Who will win and in how many games?

-Depending on who wins, how will the legacies of Steph Curry and LeBron James be affected?

-And finally, why we all need to stop comparing LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Let us know what you think! Comments and ratings are greatly appreciated.

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TDP 74: The NBA Final Four

TDP 74: The NBA Final Four
The Rundown

Second Round Review

-2nd round surprises

-What’s in store for the Bulls? 

-Is it time to blow it up if rumors become reality and Thibodeau leaves?

-Same question but now looking at the Clippers: is it time to blow it up and can the Clippers make the Finals with Blake, CP3 and Jordan as their big 3?

-What is Deandre Jordan’s value?
Conference Finals Preview

-Who’s going to the Finals?
NBA Lottery

-Minnesota gets the #1 pick. Who would you take?

-What’s the deal with NBA conspiracies popping up every lottery week?

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Spurs vs Clippers Game 7 Prediction

After a shocking Clippers victory in Game 6, we are set for Game 7 tomorrow night for the only interesting series of Round 1 of the Playoffs this year.  An organization full of experience from previous title runs together going up against an organization filled with, thus far, all hype and no accomplishment. Call me crazy, but I think the Clippers will be the victors of Game 7. Here are a few reasons why:

1. The Clippers have home court advantage

Undoubtedly if any team can pull of a Game 7 road victory, it’s the Spurs. That being said, with excitement of new ownership and this series on the line, it is a benefit to be home in LA. Even more advantageous to the Clips than being home is NOT being in San Antonio in front of Spurs fans.

2. The Clippers have momentum

Momentum is huge in the NBA Playoffs. Even though the Spurs should have won Game 5 easier than they did and probably should have won Game 6, the Clippers have to feel like they have the momentum going into Game 7. If I’m a Clipper I’m thinking I should have won Game 5 and in spite of losing it, I just defeated the Spurs in San Antonio. All downhill from here. 

3. The Clippers have the better starting lineup

In spite of last year’s Finals, having the best player in the series is usually associated with winning the series. It’s just how the NBA typically works. I would argue that the Clippers have the 2 best players in Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Bench minutes will matter less in this game, which is helpful to the Clippers.

4. The Clippers have more to play for

Chris Paul seems to get banged up every season and there is no telling how much longer he will be a top 3 point guard in the league. Point guards tend to deteriorate quickly (just look at Tony Parker this series). For being so highly regarded amongst the league, CP3 has not had an impressive playoff history. This is a legacy game for Chris Paul. Also, Blake Griffin can really start to build his legacy if he shows up big in Game 7. The Spurs on the other hand have a roster filled with players who have proven everything they need to. We also know they have never been repeat champions.

There you have it. I pick the Clippers to win Game 7. I’m also fully preparing to eat crow as the Spurs have made me look like a fool for doubting them in years past.

TDP 73: Bring Out the Brooms

Triple Double Podcast Episode 73
1st Round Discussion
2015 pales in comparison to 2014 other than Spurs vs Clips.
A few questions from the 1st Round:
-Does it bother you that the Spurs or the Clips will be out in the 1st round due to divisional rules? These teams both feel like they at least are worthy of the 2nd round.
-Are the Cavs in trouble against the Bulls and for the rest of the Playoffs without Kevin Love?
-Are the Wizards going to give the Hawks trouble in the 2nd round or are the Raptors just that bad?
-Can the Grizzlies contend with the Warriors and make it a 6 or 7 game series?
-Are the Hawks in trouble against Brooklyn?
Other topics of note:
-“Playoff Rondo” is now a thing of the past with how he sabatoged Dallas. If you were a GM in need of a Point Guard, how much would you offer him this offseason?
-Will LMA stay in Portland this offseason?
All this and more on TDP 

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TDP 72: 2015 1st Round Predictions / The Kobe vs. Duncan Debate

On the 72nd Episode of Triple Double Podcast, Justin and Matt discuss their NBA 1st round predictions in greater detail and get into a lively debate over who is the best of an era: Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan?

Let us know your predictions and opinions in the comments!

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2015 NBA Playoffs 1st Round Predictions


The 2015 NBA Playoffs are here! This year is full of exciting matchups right out of the gate! Anthony Davis will make his Playoffs debut, the Spurs or the Clippers will be going home after 1 round, and LeBron will look to set the tone early for a potential championship run for the title-starved city of Cleveland.

Golden State Warriors (1) vs New Orleans Pelicans (8)

Golden State has had an outstanding season. We’re talking historically great. And yet, the series could be compelling with Anthony Davis making his playoff debut. Golden state has no answer for Davis, however, Justin and I both agree that the Pelicans don’t have the firepower to keep up with Curry and Thompson.

Justin’s Pick: GS in 5

Matt’s Pick: GS in 5

Portland Trailblazers (4) vs Memphis Grizzlies (5)

Unfortunately, Portland is riddled with injuries. But, Aldridge is arguably the biggest star in the series so there is hope. If Lillard shows up like he did last year against the Rockets, there is even more hope. The Grizzlies, once thought to be a NBA title favorite, have looked spotty over the last month of the regular season. Another interesting aspect of this series is that the Grizzlies will carry homecourt advantage in spite of being the 5 seed. This series could go either way and we split our picks here.

Justin’s Pick: Portland in 7

Matt’s Pick: Memphis in 6

Los Angeles Clippers (3) vs San Antonio Spurs (6)

The Spurs had the potential to be the 2 seed, but they ran into a determined Pelicans team during the last game of the season. The history of any seed lower than 4 winning the NBA title is concerning. However, a playoff race for the 2-8 seeds has never been as closely contested as it was this season. Who would have thought the Thunder would miss the playoffs? The Clippers are a weak 3 seed. Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and Deandre Jordan will need to show up every night to be able to handle the depth and cohesive nature of the Spurs. Watch to see if Poppovich employ a hack-a-Jordan tactic early on. Justin and I are in agreement here.

Justin’s Pick: SA in 6

Matt’s Pick: SA in 6

Houston Rockets (2) vs Dallas Mavericks (7)

The Rockets are injured (Beverly and Montiejunas) and the Mavericks’ depth is questionable. Houston will live and die by the 3 and by MVP candidate James Harden. While I understand why the Mavericks had to get Rondo, the move has been a bust and is now a potential liability (Hack-a-Rondo anyone?). Mavs fans of course are hoping for “playoffs Rondo” to show up. I don’t see this happening. However, the Mavericks do have Dirk and the genius that is Rick Carlisle. The Mavs best chance of victory comes from superior schematics: Tire out Harden, get Dirk the ball, and defend the perimeter. Dwight Howard is the X-factor in this series. If he plays like he did in the playoffs last year I give the Mavs no chance. Easier said than done when matching up against Tyson Chandler. Expect this series to be close.

Justin’s Pick: HOU in 7

Matt’s Pick: HOU in 7

Atlanta Hawks (1) vs Brooklyn Nets (8)

Did Brooklyn want to make the playoffs? Legitimate question. The Nets are worn down and meanwhile the Hawks are being written off by the world. No team should have more bulletin board material this year than the Hawks. Millsap’s shoulder injury is concerning but the slow-moving Nets can’t keep up with the Hawks, no matter who is in the line-up. 

Justin’s Pick: ATL in 4

Matt’s Pick: ATL in 5

Toronto Raptors (4) vs Washington Wizards (5)

This is going to be ugly. Whitman and Casey are 2 coaches on the hotseat… and are likely coaching for their jobs in this series. The Raptors have fallen from last year’s surprise run but overall are a success story with actual cap space coming this offseason. Washington started strong and fizzled out… just like the Raptors. This is probably the series to avoid watching if you have to pick one. It will be sloppy and tedious, but closely contested in our opinion.

Justin’s Pick: TOR in 7

Matt’s Pick: TOR in 7

Chicago Bulls (3) vs Milwaukee Bucks (6)

The Bucks are a surprise story having one of the league’s top defenses. Chicago feels like the sleeping giant, if there is one in the Eastern Conference. Jason Kidd has taken criticism for both of his coaching stints but he has done a great job so far with the Bucks, and last year he coached the Nets decently in the playoffs. Unfortunately, he is going against names like Thibodeau, Noah, Gasol, Butler, and Rose. The Bucks may slow down the Bulls attack but we don’t see an upset here. The Bucks are going to miss Brandon Knight’s offense in this series.

Justin’s Pick: CHI in 5

Matt’s Pick: CHI in 5

Cleveland Cavaliers (2) vs Boston Celtics (7)

The Cavs emerged as the favorites in the East after the All-Star Break. The Celtics have been a surprisingly interesting team to watch but they lack interior defense. Expect Kyrie and LeBron to go off, getting to the rim at will. Who knows, maybe the Cavs will even figure out a way to get Love involved (finally). Sorry Bill Simmons, we’ve got our brooms out for this series.

Justin’s Pick: CLE in 4

Matt’s Pick: CLE in 4

Give us your predictions in the comments!

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